Free Queer Life Coaching Session


What Is It About?

This is about having the support you need in a safe space with someone who can truly relate to, not just your hopes and dreams, but also your struggles and challenges. In your effort to fully embrace your authentic self, you might:

  • need to come out
  • face big life transitions
  • feel lost and/or alone
  • suffer from stress and/or anxiety
  • need to heal past traumas
  • struggle to stay authentic in your relationships
  • have an urge to pursue your dream, but fear is holding you back
  • want to find your life purpose and help others, but don’t know where to begin

Most of us have experienced them all in one way or another and it’s on top of everything else that isn’t necessarily related to being queer. Instead of having more support, we tend to be less understood, or even accepted, because we’re the minority.

This is what inspired me to create this opportunity, although it isn’t something that I usually do in my coaching business. I want to be someone I wish I had when I was going through all of the above. You’re not alone!

My name is Claire and I’ve been a coach for the past 7 years, but only now that I could have the freedom to share all of my stories and life lessons without censoring the parts that are related with me being queer. At least, safely and legally.

I came to Canada 2 years ago to claim asylum because it’s illegal to be queer in Indonesia. I got accepted as a refugee last year, and this year I’m going all in on my dream, which is helping people discover and fully embrace their authentic self, including doing what they dream to do.

How Does It Work?

This is a 60-minute coaching session and you can choose to use audio only or with video. After the session, you will:

  • have uncovered the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms,
  • have clarity about what to do with it,
  • and know exactly what to do next, so you can make real changes.

I’m not interested in giving you more information. We have Google for that. My goal is to help you actually make a significant breakthrough in your life. I’d be doing you a disservice, otherwise.

How Do I Know If This Is for Me?

This is for you, if you:

  • need help with anything from the list on the left
  • are open-minded and coachable
  • want to understand your authentic self better
  • want to stop suffering and start having your own back
  • value having meaning and purpose in life

This is not for you, if you:

  • are only looking for a quick fix and not willing to do the work
  • only look for someone to agree with you and not open to listen
  • prefer to avoid potentially uncomfortable truth about yourself
  • refuse to have a deep and honest conversation

What Should I Do Next?

If this is for you, then please use the form below to apply for a chance to get one 1-on-1 coaching session with me for $197 free!